Farmers Still Praying for Rain Despite Wet Spring


There have a few good downpours in the last few days in Windsor-Essex, but it hasn't soaked the entire region.

The rainstorms have been spotty and many farm fields haven't seen much of the precipitation — that's after a spring that brought too much rain and farmers feared they wouldn't get crops in.

Lyle Hall is the President of the Essex County Federation of Agriculture; he spoke with Patty Handysides on the Afternoon News.

He says there have been a lot of ups and downs this year that need to level off.

"It's either too wet or too dry, so we're praying for rain," he says. "We could use another inch or so like once a week, that would be nice, but we can't schedule that in."

Hall tells AM800 News, timelines have shifted but most of the crops are in the ground.

"It may not have been ideal conditions but it's in and it appears to be all coming along at this point," says Hall. "The corn crop got shortchanged because it got too late on that and farmers switched over to soy beans."

He says the season needs a little help from Mother Nature.

"We need this to extend on into a good Indian summer in September to get us through to October, which is going to be harvest," he says. "Before we used to start harvest in September, we won't start until October now."

Hall says the shorelines have seen the majority of the rainfall in southwestern Ontario and hopes to see that trend move further inland.

— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides