Fundraising Continues For St. Anne Restoration

All eyes were on the sky today as St. Anne's parish connected the top of the church steeple.

The belfry has been on the ground since 2007 due to structural concerns at the 144-year-old church.

The church had to raise $2.5-million for the restoration project.  Local philanthropist Alan Quesnel donated $1.25-million.

The church still has to raise $1.7 million to complete the rest of the work on the church and spire.

Michelle Gadoury is a voluntary committee member with the Parish, who works on the restoration planning and says donors are pledging over a 5 year period so it won't hurt as much.

"It was amazing." says Gadoury "There's a lot of faith behind that, when you work on a committee behind this kind of thing, it's even stronger the emotions. It's important"

He says the work raising the steeple today is truely a community event.

"I was glad to see the numbers." says Gadoury "I was expecting these numbers too, because we've been talking about its for a long time. We had three mayors of Tecumseh here. It's extremely important."

 As a result of the work to secure the steeple back in place, Lesperance Rd. will be closed between Arbour St. and Tecumseh Rd. E. until Friday at 4pm.