10 Windsor-Essex Companies Receive Funds From The Provincial Government

The provincial government is partnering with with 10 Windsor-Essex companies.

On Thursday, the government announced a $3 million investment to help create and retain jobs.

The companies will share the funds as part of the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.

Windsor's Stratus Plastics International received $121,000.

Owner William Wu says he currently has 30 employees and plans to hire an additional 20. 

Wu's son Colby is the Business Development Director for the company.

He says the company did go through some difficult times.

"In the 2008 era, we were very very close to shutting down and I believe all of Windsor was very very close to shutting down." says Wu.  "Everyone really struggled and had a hard time.  We managed to get through that struggle and since then everyone has been booming."

Stratus Plastics is set to open a second facility is Kentucky later this year.

The $3 million investment will create 178 new jobs and retain 384 existing jobs.

Other companies receiving funds include Greco Aluminum Railings, Jesse Garant Metrology Center, Proto Manufacturing, Ramstar Carebide Tool, Saturn Tool & Die, Select Tool, Superior Tool and Mold, Technical Molding Management Systems and Windsor Mold.