10 Years For 'Yes To The Dress'

New Beginning's 'Say Yes to the Prom Dress' is back for a 10th year.

Doors opened yesterday from 10am to 2pm for young women in need of a prom dress.

New Beginnings Executive Director Mary Morand says there was lots to choose from.

"We have more than 1,500 dresses for women to come and choose," says Morand. 'So, they'll be able to participate in special events such as graduation and prom."

Dresses are supplied through an annual donation drive.

Morand says they can range from gently used to new, but the end result is always the same.

"What we see are families coming in, young women getting their dresses and they leave very happy and excited," says Morand.

Riverside High School senior Danielle says not having to worry about how she was going to afford a dress for her prom was a relief.

"It would have been a struggle but, I would have found a way, somehow, somewhere," she says. "This is just a stroke of luck."

New Beginnings Windsor-Essex opened its doors in 1971 and provides services to children, youth and families.