18 Tonnes of Bulk Items Collected In Windsor

After nearly six months, Windsor's bulk collection has gathered lower than anticipated numbers, but it's still not bad.

The program started back in June, but it also was on hiatus for about a month during the debris pick-up following the August rainstorm.

Manager of Environmental Services Anne Marie Albidone says in total, crews have been to 267 homes in the city and gathered 349 items amounting to about 18 tonnes.

Albidone says despite the storm debris pick-up a few months ago, the city is still getting calls.

"Surprisingly we still have had probably on average 15-20 calls per week, where people are looking for bulk collection."

Albidone says although not as high as the city would like, the numbers aren't bad.

"We were anticipating higher numbers, but I don't think it is a bad number at all because it is something that the residents have been asking for, for a long time."

She says would like to see the program continue at least one more year so that the city can get more accurate numbers.

To take advantage of the program, residents are asked to call 311 and book an appointment to pick-up couches, tables or mattresses.  There are two collections per month, per zone.

There is also a $20 fee per item.