2,560 Pacificas Sold In Canada In 2016

A slight drop in sales over at FCA Canada last year.

Sales were down 4% in 2016 compared to 2015.

278,729 vehicles sold in 2016 while 291,166 vehicles sold in 2015.

2,560 Pacificas were sold in Canada last year and 62,366 of the Windsor-built vehicle sold in the U.S market.

Sales for the Caravan were up last year, up 10% compared to 2015.

Sales of the Town & Country were down 68% last year compared to 2015.

Meanwhile, Ford Canda is reporting a jump in sales in 2016 of 9.4% selling 304, 618 cars and trucks, up from 278, 531 vehicles in 2015.

The numbers were helped by the sales of Ford trucks which increased more than 15% last year compared to 2015. 

It is Ford's best sales year since 1989.

The Ford F-Series maintains its spot as the best-selling pickup in Canada for the 51st consecutive year.