$20,000 Worth Of Equipment Stolen From Habitat For Humanity

Windsor police are investigating a break-in at Habitat for Humanity on Devon Dr. in Windsor.

Executive Director Fiona Coughlin says habitat's build-trailer was broken into on Wednesday.

She says $20,000 worth of equipment including generators and hand tools were stolen.

"The build trailer at the back of our RE-store was broken into and all of our build tools were stolen. Two generators and all of the hand tools like the hammers that our volunteers use to hammer and nails on houses we're building for people in need," says Coughlin.

There are cameras on site but the suspects managed the avoid them.

"There's different holes in the fence," says Coughlin.  "There's shopping courts in place where we can tell where we can tell they were trying to use carts to transport the tools."

She says Windsor police have been contacted and are investigating.