$20-million Lawsuit Launched After Student Injured At Ford Test Track

A $20-million lawsuit has been launched against the City of Windsor and local public school board after a student suffered life altering injuries.

15-year-old Madison Arseneault tripped during a gym class at the Ford Test Track in May 2016.

She tripped on taut string that was running at ground level and was tied to a sawed off golf club at one end of a soccer field.

The golf club struck her on the side of her head.

The equipment was set up to paint lines on the soccer field.


Copy of the Statement of Claim

The  lawsuit against the city, the Greater Essex County District School Board and its supervising teachers alleges all were negligent and that Arseneault's injuries could have been avoided.

Arseneault suffered a severe brain injury resulting in partial paralysis, impaired vision and chronic pain.

None of the allegations has been proven in court.