2016 'Sunshine List' Released By City, School Boards & Hospitals

The City of Windsor has released the list of names on the 'Sunshine List."

That's the annual disclosure of public-sector salaries over $100,000.

Windsor Police Director of Financial Services, Rita Pennesi is at the top of the list at the city, earning $426,503 in 2016.

Chier Administrative Officer Onorio Colucci made $235,161.

Windsor Police Chief Al Fredrick earned $214,496 last year.

Windsor Fire Chief Bruce Montone earned $146,338.

Chief Financial Officer & City Treasurer Joe Mancina says there was an increase in the number of members from the Windsor Police Service on the list.

"That's primarily attributable to contact settlements and retro payments that were applied," says Mancina. "In terms of the Windsor Fire Services, I believe the list had 144. They were down from the prior year, Windsor Fire Services, as their contract settlement was in the prior year. So again, timing differences."

Mayor Drew Dilkens made $112,750.

The Univeristy of Windsor had more than 570 people on its' 'Sunshine List."

President Alan Wildeman earned $332,606 in 2016.

At the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, 232 employees top $100,000.

In the number one spot is Director of Education Paul Picard at just under $228,000 earned in 2016.

Associate Director and Executive Superintendent of Corporate Services, Terrance Lyons is number two at more than $164,000.