211 Offers Help For The Winter Months

The holidays are now over and Windsorites may start to feel the stress of the winter months.

211 is reminding residents they're around all day every day to help them deal with any issues.

211's help line offers people referrals to social, health and government services that are offered to the community.

Project manager Jennifer Tanner says over 2,000 services are available to the community, including utility payment assistance programs.

She says people can call 211 even if they do not yet require assistance.

"I even find sometimes when people call us at 211 even just hearing some of the options that are available to them, is a great stress reliever in knowing that  when they are ready to take some action to get some help for themselves, that there is some sort of services available.," says Tanner.

She says 211 is always looking at different ways to help those who call.

"Typically we provide information and we give referrals to community agencies, but also we like to follow up with our callers, particularly those who are very stressed, upset and need some extra support," says Tanner.

211 helped over 500 callers this holiday season.