$2M Tender Awarded for Essex County Road Work

Essex County Council approved a tender for just over $2-million in work over the summer months.

Coco Paving won the contract to resurface 21km of Essex County Roads. Sections include County Roads 18, 20, 31, 34, and 46.

Paved shoulders will also be added or expanded in parts of County Rd. 34, something Warden Gary McNamara says will be help fill in some gaps in the County Wide Active Transportation System.

"It does two things, it gives a safe area for riders, but is also protects the road itself," he says.

The tender came in slightly higher than the county's $1.9-million estimate, but McNamara says taxpayers are still coming out ahead.

"This type of work, the resurfacing, is basically saving the sub structure of the road as much as we can so we can get another 10 or 15 years before we do a total rehabilitation."

McNamara expects work to get underway around the beginning of May — it will keep rolling into the fall of 2019.