31 People Who Survived A Life Threatening Medical Condition Meet Their Paramedic

Hugs, tears and smiles as people who survived a near fatal medical episode in 2016 meet the paramedics who saved them.

The annual Survivor Day event was held at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts today.

Emergency Room physician Dr. Paul Bradford says when he started hosting the events 7 years ago there were just 5 survivors, today there are 31.

Among them is Lasalle resident Joanne Lajeunesse.  


Lasalle resident Joanne Lajeunesse overcome as she meets the paramedics who saved her (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

She says she was trying to load the dishwasher and instead was just dropping plates on the ground, her husband got to her just as she collapsed and called 9-1-1.

She says she remembers the 2 paramedics like Toy Soldiers, and gave them big hugs at the event today:  "when I saw those 2, my soldiers the paramedics that meant so much to me because to me they were so gentle and so kind and just to see 'em"

Steve McGowan is from Chicago, and was installing equipment at Windsor Salt when he passed out in the car with a co-worker:  "he pulled over to the side of the road and started CPR as he called for help and the paramedics came and I woke up in Detroit a week later"

Essex Windsor EMS Chief Bruce Krauter says it's a special day to have the victim of a medical event meet the paramedics.

There are about 400 stroke victims in Windsor Essex each year, and on average 25-percent will survive.