311 Announces New Operational Changes

Changes are coming to Windsor's 311 services as it celebrates '311 Day' today.

On March 11, 311's across North America celebrate accomplishments achieved by the organization.

Last year, Windsor 311 addressed over 140,000 inquires about the city.

Based on the information collected from those inquires, 311 will be changing its hours of operation.

Starting April 3, the organization will offer call hours from 8am to 5pm instead of 7am to 7pm.

Manager for 311, Alena Sleziak, says changing the hours is a step forward to creating a more efficient system for everyone.

She says nearly 90% of calls made to 311 take place between 8am and 5pm.

"We collect a lot of data here and we use that data in a lot of different ways. One of the ways is to really look at when callers are calling us and when our busiest time is and typically 8am to 5pm is when we receive the majority of our calls. So we are kind of adjusting our hours, but we are still here to provide the service for our residents."

Sleziak says residents still can get in contact with 311 after hours.

"There are still different channels that residents can contact us on. One of them is our 311 online service and that is available 24/7. So people can go online anytime and register any concerns they may have and that goes directly into our system so departments can address them."

Sleziak adds the City of Windsor is planning to launch a 311 app later this year.

With the app, residents will be able to report issues to 311 through their mobile device.