40 Homes Flooded In Amherstburg

Over 40 homes were flooded during a heavy rain in Amherstburg.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says council has been updated on last Saturday's storm and says around 100mm of rain fell in around 30 minutes.

Most of the flooding and basement flooding occurred in the Kingsbridge subdivision.

He says if another municipality received that amount of rain, flooding would have occurred there as well.

"The problem we had was that the storm, at least in Amherstburg, as I understand it our neighbours including Windsor didn't get as bad as we did this time, it did exceed the one and 100 year storm," says DiCarlo.

He says the town's infrastructure was working.

"That does exceed the regulation infrastructure that we do build to," says DiCarlo.  "For those wondering our infrastructure is in great shape especially in that area because it's not that old and it is no different than any other municipality.  So if any other municipality would have got that amount of rain, they to would have had the same issues we did."

The town is planning on a special garbage pick-up to collect flood debris and homeowners impacted by flooding are encouraged to call the town's public works department at 519-736-3664. 

"Some houses lucked out," says DiCarlo. "Their sump pumps were able to keep up and they kept the water out of their basements and some of the other houses we do need to look at.  We do have a subsidy program which started last year but we've had very little uptake."