40 Years For A Local Tool And Mold Shop

It's 40 years and counting for a local business.

Build A Mold is marking its 40th anniversary.

The company was founded in 1978 by Alec Pinsonneault but changed hands over the years and is now a division of the Plasman Group.

Human Resources/Business Partner Roger Lauzon says the company currently employees 115 people at its Windsor operation. "We actually molded a chocolate bar that celebrated the 40 year anniversary and we're able to give that to the employees as well."

Lauzon says it's an exciting time for the entire team. "We really focused on our employees and helping achieve the many over those 40 years. We've been able to celebrate that by way of artifacts over the 40 years, reviewing and looking at photos."

Build A Mold has manufactured over 5,000 molds for a number of customers including Chrysler, Ford, Honda and Toyota during its four decades in business.

The company's main and original plant is located on Burke St.