65-Year-Old Time Capsule To Be Opened In Leamington

A mystery box will be the star attraction this weekend during final farewells at Leamington District Secondary School.

A time capsule was embedded in the wall of the building back in 1952 and its contents will be revealed at an open house on Saturday.

Department Head of Canadian World Studies and History, Butch Rickeard says he was able to track down video from the school's opening and learned of the capsule. "I had about five, six hours of video to go through, but part of the opening ceremonies was captured in that and in that, we actually saw the front part of the building, they slipped the time capsule into one of the cornerstones of the building. We're excited to see what they actually left for us back in '52."

Leamington District High School has been a part of the community since the late 1800's and Rickeard is expecting generations of students to turn out on Saturday to say goodbye.

The open house starts at 10am.

Staff and students will move into a brand new building on Oak St. in September.