$8-Million Turkey Packaging Plant Expansion Approved

A local company is expanding.

On Monday, Windsor city council approved an Economic Revitalization Community Improvement Plan application for the Windsor Freezer Services Limited building on Mercer St. between Howard Ave. and McDougall.

Belwood Poultry spokesperson Ben Schlegel says the investment is for a turkey packaging facility. "We are planning to invest over $8-million into development of the facility and hire 50 people," says Schlegel.  "This represents a very substantial investment in Windsor that will benefit the local community and the economy for many years."

"The incentive available under the grant program is a major factor in making these plans economically viable," says Schlegel.  "In fact support from the grant program is the difference maker that tips the scales in favour of making this investment in Windsor.  It makes the option to locate the new facility in Windsor the most attractive location option."

The total maximum grant value $821,419 over a 10-year span and construction is expected to begin later this year.

"The facility itself will involve no handling of live animals," says Schlegel.  "It will serve as only a packaging facility.  The product arriving will be whole turkeys already processed and ready to be packaged into components such as breast, wings and drumsticks for tray packages and other value added products."