A Break in the Rain but Still Risk of Flooding

You probably heard the thunder and saw the lightning during Tuesday night's storm that blew through Windsor-Essex.

Environment Canada has taken down it's Special Weather Statement but the Essex Region Conservation Authority has extended its flood warning into Thursday.

"Windsor airport did report 46.8 mm of rain and most of that fell between 9pm and about 5am this morning," says Environment Canada Meteorologist, Kelly Hobelman.

She says we will get a break in the first part of the day.

"Later this afternoon (Wednesday) maybe around 3pm we can expect a few more showers or thunderstorms to develop once again. However, these thunderstorms we don't expect as much as rain as we saw last night."

According to Hobelman there is another low moving through the area on Thursday. She says "That might give you another 5-10mm of rain but then it looks like it will move out in time for Friday later in the day and it looks like it will be a fairly dry weekend."

 Winds are forecast to be gusting up to 50km/h early Wednesday afternoon with showers and thunderstorms expected again after midnight.