A Call For Action On Pets And Kids Left In Hot Cars

Upset over repeated cases of children and pets being left in vehicles on a hot day, a Lakeshore councillor is taking action.

Len Janisse is calling on the province to include the issue in the driver's handbook or road test.

"Often you think back of tests and you remember something," says Janisse. "It might not come up every day of your life but certainly it might once and 'What temperature is it too hot to leave children or a pet in a car?'"


Lakeshore Councillor Len Janisse (courtesy Town of Lakeshore website)

He also wants the federal government to push for improved vehicle software.

"They mandate different things, safety items into vehicles. So I was thinking along the lines, obviously the technology has advanced so far that maybe you wouldn't be able to get out of your car, you know there's dingers and all kinds of different things, it might say 'have you checked the contents of your vehicle,'" says Janisse.

Janisse has the unanimous support of Lakeshore council.

His motion is being sent to other municipalities along with the federal and provincial governments.