A Convention Like No Other Says Local Political Science Prof

'It was a convention like no other' is the reaction from a local political science professor after the Ontario PC party picked Doug Ford to lead the party into the June election.

The vote was close and the results were delayed until after a review.  

When Doug Ford was announced as leader Saturday night, the runner-up Christine Elliott refused to concede until later the next day.

Speaking on AM800's the Lynn Martin Show, local professor Lydia Miljan says the process was confusing.

"The problem for me is that it wasn't transparent, had they at least given out the vote as they came in, here is the first round here's who was knocked off, here is the second round, that would have at least made sense to us," says Miljan.

She adds, Elliott backing Doug Ford is positive for the party. "She did put her support behind Doug Ford and more importantly, she is running in the next election and that would give a strong indication that the party can unite, highly likely that if they were to form government that she would have an important role in cabinet."

Miljan says Ford has a lot of support in the 905 area and that's where the bulk of the seats are.