A Delay In Opening The University of Windsor's School of Creative Arts

There has been a delay in opening the University of Windsor's School of Creative Arts in the former Windsor Armouries and new Freedom Way buildings in downtown Windsor.

Although there has been good progress in redesigning the facilities, they are not suitable for the academic programs to begin in September.

University of Windsor Spokesperson John Coleman says the opening will be worth the wait.

"The feeling was we didn't want to disrupt students mid-term and just concentrate on the studies," he says. "We will make sure when everything comes around in January, we are going to have this state of the art wonderful learning environment."

As a result, the fall semester will continue to operate out of existing facilities on the main campus.

It is hoped the work will be fully tested and operational for the January 2018 semester.


Construction takes place inside the former Windsor Armouries building in November of 2015. (AM800 file photo)

"Because it is a unique environment particularly in the Armouries where someone is playing a piano or violin, you don't want disruptions or somebody trying to finish off work," says Coleman.

There will be an official opening of the $32.6 million facilities in November.