A Few Complaints Over Hot Classrooms: Public School Board

Only a few complaints have been filed to the Greater Essex District School Board over hot classrooms.

During this latest heat wave which coincided with the start of the school year, the humidex has reached 43C or 108F.

School board spokesperson Scott Scantlebury says only 20% of schools have air conditioning and installing window A/C units is cost prohibitive.

He admits it is a bigger problem in the older schools.

"Some of them are reaching 100 years of age, if not having reached it already," he says. "We have an increasing number of schools that are in that 70 to 100 year old range where when they were constructed, air conditioning wasn't even a concept."

He adds the hot weather causes issues in about 10-12 days during the school year in May, June and September.

One student tells AM800 News that it was hotter in the cafeteria than it was outdoors.

He says the older schools have a "cool room" if staff or students need to escape from the heat in the building.

Scantlebury says if a child has a pre-existing health issue and if a parent is concerned, the parent can keep the child at home.

 He points out it is the mandate now that any new schools at the public school board are built with air conditioning.

Students are also encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to remain hydrated and teachers are asked to lower the window blinds to keep the room as cool as possible.

Spokesperson with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Stephen Fields says the catholic board has not received any formal complaints