A Lakeshore Councillor Wants Council To Rescind A Controversial Decision

A large crowd is expected Tuesday night in Lakeshore for the town's council meeting.

Council is expected to re-visit a controversial decision that was made at its September 11th meeting.

Councillor Tracey Bailey will ask council to rescind its decision of making Lakeshore as the primary mailing address for all residents living within the municipality.

"As long as everybody is agreeable to allow the motion to rescind to carry, it will wipe it from record," says Bailey.

As heard on AM800 news last month, council directed administration to notify Canada Post and inform the postal service the town wants Lakeshore as the primary mailing address.

The move would impact 10 communities in Lakeshore.  (Belle River, Puce, Comber, Woodslee, Stoney Point, Staples, Lighthouse Cove, Maidstone, St. Joachim and Emeryville)

Bailey says she is not making a motion to re-consider.

"There's nothing within that report that can be re-considered," says Bailey.  "It was an all or nothing either we wanted to change the name or we didn't.  There weren't options provided so it's my intent to table a very clear notice to rescind and I'm hoping that will be supported by council."


Canada Post Mail Box Delivery (Photo by AM800's Kimberley Johnson)

Bailey says if council decides against rescinding its decision, the plan to make Lakeshore as the primary mailing address will most likely move forward.

"It will be status quo so it will follow along with what was already approved unless somebody tables a secondary motion that allows some re-considering of the original one or a new motion altogether that leads us in another direction," says Bailey.

Resident Mark McKinlay started an online petition after council's decision and to date the petition has gathered 1100 signatures.

Tuesday's council meeting will take place at the Atlas Tube Centre instead of council chambers.