A LaSalle Bakery is Celebrating Fat Tuesday with a Twist

It's Packzi Day and a bakery in LaSalle is giving it a whole new twist.

Vanessa's Bakery and Deli on Sandwich W. Pkwy. is steering away from making the traditional paczkis in favour of offering some unique flavours.

Owner Laura DePaola says her paczkis taste more like a sweet bread compared to the regular paczki dough. Instead of regular paczki fillings, she will have peanut butter and jam filling, along with Nutella, sicilian cannoli and custard.

"Our paczki recipe is a family secret of my husband's mother, carried on for a couple generations," says DePaola.

She says she wanted to be different with her fillings.

"Everyone has the same flavours, not that they're good or bad, I just wanted to be a little different," says DePaola. "Maybe next year we'll throw in a different flavour just to kick it up a notch."

The bakery, located in the Heritage Square Plaza behind the Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall, will be making more than 1,000 paczkis Tuesday.