A-List Comedians Grab Lunch In Downtown Windsor

Comedians Adam Sandler and David Spade took in a little bit of downtown Windsor Friday.

Spade and Sandler played Caesar's Windsor with long-time collaborators Nick Swardson and Rob Schneider Friday night.

But before they hit the stage they hit downtown Windsor for a stroll and a bite to eat.

Loose Goose Resto Pub owner Angus MacKinnon says they didn't stop in, but says Spade having some fun with the bars facade through his Instagram story is a little surreal.


Spade posted a brief video to Instagram of the restaurant's facade jesting, "you know me, loosey goosey."

"It was pretty awesome to see that, we had a bunch of our friends send us the link to it so that we could check it out. I know it's just a short little thing but it's kind of exciting when a celebrity plugs your place," MacKinnon says.

MacKinnon says one of his staff told him Spade even referenced it in his act.

Employees at The Keg's Riverside Dr. W. location had a more up close and personal experience with the comedians.

Server Jacinda Day had quite the surprise waiting for her when she checked to see who was peeking in the window before the restaurant opened Friday afternoon.

"I turned around and looked on the patio and Adam Sandler had his sunglasses on and a basketball under his arm, just chilling. He's looking inside The Keg trying to figure out how to get in," says Day. "We were like oh my god, we had no idea he was coming."

The actor, musician and comedian, is also well known for shooting hoops. 

He told Day he was out looking for a basketball court when he came across The Keg and decided to stop in for lunch.

Sandler's arrival was surprise enough, but she says he was joined by another friend shortly after sitting down to order.

"David Spade ended coming and catching up to eat too, they had some coffee, and they hung out. They chit chatted with me for a bit, just about Windsor, and the weather," Day says. "Adam asked me if I wanted to come to the show which was super cool."

Day told AM800 News Sandler and his friends are laid back - even having a good laugh at David Spade's expense with staff.

"David Spade likes Diet Coke and not Diet Pepsi. I gave him Diet Pepsi and he was like 'this isn't Coke,' all the guys kind of teased him about it," she says.

Day says both Sandler and Spade complimented Windsor's river-view, even complementing her.

"Adam said I had a wonderful personality and my parents did a amazing job raising me," says Day.


(Photo by Jacinda Day)

She wound up receiving a generous tip that included two sixth row seats to the show at Caesar's Coliseum, a photo, and an autograph from both funny-men.