A New Record for Bell Let's Talk Day

More than $7.2-million has been raised during Bell Let's Talk Day 2019.

As of late Wednesday night, nearly 145-million social media interactions had taken place, for which Bell pays 5-cents each.

The money is used for mental health initiatives across the country.

The Executive Director of Lead Agency for Child and Youth Mental Health at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is glad to see the public talking about mental health.

Dr. Mary Broga says 10 years ago, people avoided the conversation due to the stigma associated with mental health.

She says a lot of changed over the years including education, media and awareness days like Bell Lets Talk Day. 

"The more that we get it out there, more about awareness, people talking openly about it, the more that we encourage people to get help sooner whether than having their problems kind of be ignored or not being dealt with," says Dr. Broga.

She believes having that open discussion is helping the whole sector of mental health become more common place.

"There was a stigma, there was something wrong with you, now it's more mental health is part of physical health," says Dr. Broga.  "So if you have an issue with your physical health, you go and get it treated, same thing with mental health.  So I think we're losing that stigma and I think our youth are much more aware that they can sneak help and get help."