A Reminder From Windsor Fire This Holiday Weekend

Windsor Fire and Rescue is reminding the public about firework safety.

Chief Fire Prevention Officer John Lee says if you're using fireworks or sparklers this holiday weekend, make sure there is enough clearance to buildings, combustibles and people.

He says safety is the number one priority.

"Whatever they're put in is sturdy and the fireworks is not going to fall over or change direction or go hit people or a building," says Lee.  "We want to make sure there's adequate clearance to the people and to the builders and structures and to other people's properties."

Lee says Windsor Fire has also issued a couple other safety reminders.

"Sky lanterns are prohibited and that open burning is not permitted in the city of Windsor," says Lee.

He says make sure to dispose of the fireworks properly after they're used as well.

"Once they're used make sure they're cooled off before their put in a garage or their disposed of and possibly put some water on them and cool them down before throwing them away," says Lee.     

For more safety tips visit Windsor Fire's website.