A Reminder To Boat Sober This Holiday Weekend

The Canadian Safe Boating Council is teaming up with the OPP and other police agencies this holiday weekend.

Council Director Ian Gilson says they're launching Operation Dry Water for a sixth straight year.

He says it's an initiative that reminds boaters to boat sober.

Gilson says 40% of boating related fatalities nationwide are alcohol related.  

"There were 92 boating related fatalities last year so 40% of that, you're talking in the 30's so that's definitely not a good statistic you want to repeat," says Gilson.    

Gilson adds the council did a survey in 2014 on why people drank while boating.

"The number one reason why people drank while they were on the water at the time is because they feared that they wouldn't be caught," says Gilson.  "We're kind of telling people that hopefully with an increased presence on the water, that isn't necessarily going to be the case.

Gilson says boaters in Ontario charged with impaired boating can also lose their automobile driving privileges.