A Warmer, Less Humid Summer For Windsor-Essex

Windsor-Essex can expect a more pleasant summer weatherwise, than the summer of 2016.

The Weather Network's Kelly Sonnenberg told AM800’s The Afternoon News their Summer Outlook calls for more rain than usual.

"Some of these areas in Southern-Ontario may tick just above normal," says Sonnenberg. "But we are not expecting an overly rainy summer and we're not expecting a washout. It is still going to be a very nice."

The meteorologist says June through August will be slightly warmer but less humid.

"There's no true consistency in this summer's forecast," says Sonnenberg. "We are going to be hovering in that near normal type of temperature which ranges anywhere from 24 to 26C. So that is generally what the City of Windsor experiences. We will maybe see a week where we are a little bit cooler and the next week are are a little bit above normal."

Sonnenberg says there are no major weather events on the horizon but the region can expect to see more active thunderstorms as the season progresses.