About 600 Students Withdraw From St. Clair College Following Five-Week Strike

The number of students withdrawing from the fall semester at St. Clair College continues to grow.

Associate Vice-President of Student Services & Registrar Mike Silvaggi says about 600 students have withdrawn following the five-week strike.

He says some students have decided to continue their education during the winter semester or wait until next September.

Silvaggi says he's a little surprised by the number.

"The number for this stage in the game, it's a little bit on the higher side to be honest with you," says Silvaggi.  "It is very similar to what we normally see from a fall to winter transition."

Silvaggi adds about 50 students have applied for the student strike relief fund.

The deadline for students to withdraw and receive their full tuition is December 5th. 

Back in September, the college announced it had more than 10,000 students enrolled.