Accessible Lift Installed At Atlas Tube Centre

There's something new at the Atlas Tube Centre in Lakeshore.

An accessible lift has been installed in the family change room to allow people with disabilities to move from their wheelchair, to the adult change table to the water wheelchair easier.

Supervisor of Aquatics for the town of Lakeshore, George Turnbull says the lift has a capacity of 440 lbs. "It was something we could identify that we could do better to meet the accessible needs of our customers, so we petitioned council to have this added to our budget and have it installed in our facility."

"It is especially helpful for people who need help to get into the water," says Turnbull. "Specifically for individuals who come in with a support worker where the support worker would have to lift them manually which can be dangerous for them and difficult if the individual is a little bit heavier."

The lift cost between $5,000 and 10,000.