Algae Bloom Predicted For Lake Erie In 2018

The algae bloom forecast is out for Lake Erie and although it may be down from last year, it is up from 2016.

The U.S National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration issued its predictions pointing out the green slime has become the new normal for the once clear lake.

Policy Director at the Alliance for Great Lakes Crystal Davis says it has now become a question of how bad the algae bloom will be instead of whether or not there will be an outbreak.

"These toxic blooms undermine the regional economy and threatens drinking water for millions of people as we saw four years ago in Toledo and in Pelee Island and other communities," says Crystal Davis, police director at the Alliance for Great Lakes.

She points out, "polluted run-off from agricultural land is the main driver of Lake Erie's yearly algae outbreak, but reducing this pollution will significantly reduce harmful algal blooms and improve the lake's health."

The NOAA warns the bloom threaten drinking water, clog intake pipes, suffocate fish and deters tourists.

It is warning it could cost the economy up to $272-million annually.