All Candidates From All Parties Stick To the Campaign Book

The candidates of the major parties in the three ridings of Windsor and Essex County have aired their positions in a public forum.

The Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce and Windsor and District Labour Council hosted the debate at the Ciociaro Club.

The topics ranged from the major issues like energy cost, healthcare and education to ones that affect specific groups like Highway 3 and farmers.

Liberal candidate Rino Bortolin in Windsor West addressed the question of minimum wage.

"What we've seen and what I like about this government is its willingness to respond to feedback.  One example is the adjustments that were made to public holiday pay.  And this conversation can't stop there. If exemptions are warranted, we need to consider those in the greater context of this public policy"

Conservative Candidate Chris Lewis in Essex told the crowd how his party would help farmers.


The 4 candidates seeking the Essex seat debate Highway 3 completion, Ciociaro Club, May 17, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"The only party, the PC party is going to cut carbon tax.  Right off the get-go that is going to help everybody.  For our farmers specific I believe it's in the area of about 4.7-cents per litre of diesel"

Green candidate Henry Oulevey in Windsor-Tecumseh spoke to his party's plan for education reform.


Candidates running for election in Windsor-Tecumseh debate the issues, Ciociaro Club, May 17, 2018 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"We propose reducing administration and overhead by amalgamating the two school boards and using those funds to properly fund and support teachers in classrooms"

Most of the candidates followed their party platform notes through the debate and there were no major flare-ups between the hopefuls.