All Children with Disabilities Deserve Provincial Funding: Windsor Mom

A Windsor mom is voicing concerns about the funding discrimination when it comes to children with disabilities.

The province is launching consultations on supports for children with autism and recently made funding changes to eliminate the wait list of 23,000 children.

But Sherri Taylor, who has one child with autism and three others with disabilities, questions why it's only children with autism who get the funding.

She emphasizes she is not begrudging that children with autism get funding, but she believes all children with a disability need help.

Plus, she says children when they reach the age of 18 are cut off from funding, even though they aren't independent and still require help.

"Autism gets a lot of attention because it is the fastest neurological disorder that is growing across the world, however, that doesn't mean that my child should wait for therapy," says Taylor.

She doesn't know how the province can rationalize it.

"How is it that one group of individuals gets all this funding and the other group is left with nothing, it is just as expensive to have a child who has a different disability whether it be neurological, physical."

Taylor says for her two sons working with an occupational therapist specializing in sensory integration therapy, it is about $20,000 per child per year.