All Wheel Drive Pacifica Rumours Surface

The idea of an all-wheel-drive Chrysler Pacifica has surfaced again.

A report from Automotive news suggests FCA is giving serious consideration to the idea.

Unifor Auto Chair Dino Chiodo says it's an idea he's heard of but there has not been any conversation about it.

He says the idea is out there, but there have not been formal discussions.

"The company is not having formal dialogue with us with regards to an all wheel drive vehicle.  Although it would be welcomed, the reality is they're the ones that are going to look at all the matrix to identify whether it makes sense for them to put an all wheel drive in the minivan, the Pacifica"

Chiodo says former FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne made sure it was an option from the initial design of the Pacifica.


Dino Chiodo (Photo courtesy of the United Way)

"His direction was clear but at the same time there's got to be I think a financial plan, they've got to be able to build it in with the engineering and make sure it works properly and there's got to be a market for it"

He says Unifor would have to be part of the discussion if the company decided to go ahead with the idea.

"Would they have to make any structural changes, would they have to bring in any extra tooling and I think that we would have to talk about is it in line with a shutdown period or a Christmas shutdown.  Would we need an extra down week in order  to get it done.  So I thin all those questions would have to come in line to be able to answer that if it was ever happening"

Chiodo says it will be big news if FCA goes forward with the idea.