Alley Lights To Be Added Downtown

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is going to install LED lights in several alleys in the city core.

Chair Larry Horwitz says the BIA has issued a request for quotations for a contractor to handle the job.

He says the goal is to have the lights up by the end of the summer or early fall.

"When it starts to get dark earlier it's ideal for these lights to have been in place," says Horwitz. "We believe that once you light up the alleys, downtown will be more attractive, more safer for businesses, for residents and for tourists."      

Horwitz says the alleys that are scheduled to receive lighting include the alley that runs north-south between Pelissier St. and Victoria Ave., the alley that runs north-south from Park Ave. W. and Maiden Lane W. and the alley that runs north-south between Chatham St. E. and University Ave. E.

"Those are the alleys we've had the most concerns with in terms of safety, in terms of commercial business, in terms of tourism and so those are the first ones we're going to be looking at" says Horwitz.  "We've teamed with the University of Windsor and engineers and the police department to figure out exactly where the best locations for the lighting would be."  

He says the BIA is spending up to $20,000 on the lighting initiative.