Alleys a Popular Issue for Delegations to Budget Deliberations

Alleyways in the city were a common topic among citizens coming to the Windsor Budget deliberations.

Out of the three dozen individuals and groups making a presentation at least half a dozen focused on alleyways.

During deliberations council approved a portion of the federal gas tax revenue to go toward the Minor Alley Maintenance Program.

The $850,000 dollars replaces funding that was reduced due to a previous reduction in the gas tax revenue.

Ford City Residents Association member Eric Birkner says the city needs to put more funding to the issue.

"There are 80 paved and 70 unpaved alleyways in Windsor currently being used and I believe the funding is drastically low for the issues we are seeing"

Birkner adds council has some options.

"I would like the council to consider two things.  Increasing funds for the alley drainage repairs and to take a long hard look at the United Way Alley Revitalization Strategy and to consider all the good we could do by changing our alleyways from a place to hide to a place to enjoy"

Ward 5 resident Kerry Ippolito says the state of her alley has caused her problems.

"the alley is unpaved and I am unable to drive down the alley because of the ruts and the mud and flooding.  My car has bottomed out coming down the alley.  I must park my car on the street where six months after purchasing it I found it had been sidewswiped in a hit and run"

Fraser Fathers of the United Way called on council to support their alleyway initiative.