Ambassador Bridge Owners Fail In Court Bid To Stop New Span

The owners of the Ambassador Bridge have suffered another blow in the attempt to stop the Gordie Howe Bridge Company.

The Michigan Court of Appeal has upheld a lower court ruling against the Maroun family.

Jeff Cranson, Director of Communication for the Michigan Department of Transportation is pleased with the victory.

He says the Appeals court says it hinged on the Maroun family's failure to take action quickly enough.

"that they missed a one-year statute for claims against a state by failing to file a timely notice after the 2012 crossing agreement was signed between Michigan and Canada to build the Gordie Howe International Bridge.  This ruling basically affirmed that"

Cranson says this is positive, but not necessarily the end of the road because it could still be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court.

He says this re-affirms the state's position.

"We're confident the law is on our side and that's why judges at every level of the federal and state benches have sided with the state in these cases"

The State of Michigan has launched condemnation procedures against 20 Maroun-owned properties in Delray where the Gordie Howe Bridge will land.

Condemnation is what land expropriation is called in the US.