Amherstburg Approves New Commercial Development

A new devopment for a long-vacant property is on the way in Amherstburg. Town council has approved a 7800-sq. ft. commercial building on Sandwich St. S. near Park St. 

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says developers have come forward with several ideas for the land over the years but none of those plans have come to fruitition. DiCarlo says feedback on the current proposal has been positive and he's excited to see someone finally following through. "I won't say it's an eye sore by any means because it was just open land and it was grass, that's okay, but when you see so much development around the rest of the town, I think most people are happy to see something happening there." 

DiCarlo adds Amherstburg has worked hard to attract new investment and the efforts are paying off. " For it to all of a sudden kind of come at you in waves, that part has surprised me because we went quite a few years where we couldn't pay people to come do business in the town of Amherstburg. Now, they're coming in and paying us." 

Rosati Construction will be developing the property.