Amherstburg Council To Discuss Public Consultations On Pot

Amherstburg Town Council will raise the question of what's next when pot becomes legal at Monday night's meeting.

A report going before council recommends an "Internal Cannabis Task Force" consisting of administrators from first responders, the health unit, and the town continues to monitor changes heading into the big day.  In addition, council is being asked to engage in public consultations on consumption, sales, and safe use.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo tells AM800 News with policy changes still coming from a new PC government there's still some uncertainty as to what will happen come October.

"We likely would have a very short period of time to make a decision and I'm sure that has created a little more anxiety for all the municipalities that might be affected," he says. "I've even heard from some people who are very anxious to open up stores, but I did have to tell them that we're not at that stage yet."

He says with the 2018 Municipal Election coming on the heels of legalization, DiCarlo can see how councillors might put a pin in any decisions that could complicate things.

"The timing of it is a bit awkward as this council can make a decision on it and, quite frankly, I suppose  the next council can also make a decision on it, I guess we'll find out what this council's position is come Monday night," says DiCarlo. "It wouldn't hurt to at least begin the process or a process so that we're not trying to cram everything into a short period of time."

Marijuana legalization falls on Oct. 17 with the 2018 Municipal Election landing on Oct. 22.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.