Amherstburg Distillery Likes Provincial Funding

The head of the area's only craft distillery is encouraged by changes in funding from the provincial government.

Tom Manherz is President of Wolfhead Distillery in Amherstburg.

The Ontario government has announced almost $5-million to be shared between cideries and small distillers.

Changes in other rules make it easier for distillers to sell their products to bars and restaurants.

Manherz says at the moment there are only 2 of their products available in the LCBO and they have 4 other products bars anbd restaurants would like access to.

Current rules require lecensees to buy a full case, but under the changes it could be smaller numbers of bottles.

Manherz says distillers will get a bigger share of the profit for bottles sold at their own retail outlet: "in their store or our store, the LCBO gets the same cut.  I think they're trying to make it a little easier and they're not doing any work really for what we're selling here.  Hopefully it's going to be more favourable.  I'm not sure how much we're going to keep, is it $1.50 or $2 they haven't come out with the details yet"

Each distiller or cidery is able to receive up to $220,000 each year.

The hope is to make cideries and distilleries more competitive against brewers and wineries.