Amherstburg Drafting Bylaw to Curb Feral Cat Problem

Residents in one Amhestburg neighbourhood want the town to do something about a feral cat problem.

Doug Patterson brought the issue to council, saying feral cats are running rampant in his Monopoly subdivision.

Patterson wants the town to restrict residents from feeding feral cats, not let the animals roam free and limit the number of cats per household.

He says there are plenty of restrictions on dogs and cats should be no different.

"A few of the neighbours in the neighbourhood are totally fed up. Feces everywhere. Noise. They make noise when they're mating at all hours of the night. It's past ridiculous," says Patterson.


Amherstburg resident Doug Patterson addresses council regarding feral cats on February 11, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

He says without a bylaw in place, there's not much the town's bylaw officers can do.

"I wanted to get something started. Get a bylaw started," says Patterson. "They've been working on something over the years before this council came on board. It got shot down. So with all the issues in our neighbourhood, families, kids, feces, stink, noise, it's a health hazard as far as I'm concerned."

He says he's lived at his home for 30 years and never had any problems. He'd like to see the people that are feeding the cats to take better care of them and not have them go on other people's property.

Amherstburg council has agreed to a bylaw review to help mitigate the feral cat problem. 

Administration will now put together a report which will be brought before council at a future meeting.