Amherstburg Looking For Answers After County Denies Funding For Library Improvements

Officials in Amherstburg believe the town is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to leftover funds from the Essex County library strike.

Work is on the books for accessibility upgrades at the Amherstburg branch, but the town's CAO, John Miceli, says a funding request to the county has been denied.

Back in July, Essex County Council voted to keep the $790,000 in a reserve for future branch upgrades.

Miceli says he's taken the issue to an all CAOs meeting and, if necessary, will take it to County Council as well.

He says he'll be looking for answers.

"Our council has raised the issue, our residents have raised the issue to our municipal officials and for County Council not the recognize that, that is frustrating for my council. The residents are not happy, my council is not happy and we would like to find a compromise that would suit the residents for the Town of Amherstburg."

Miceli says Amherstburg Council should be deciding how to spend the money.

"The frustrating part of all this is that County Council has made a decision. Well, we have a decision making body in Amherstburg Town Council and they're more than qualified to decide what money should be spent on and what it should not be spent on. So just give us back our appropriate allocation and we'll make the decision at the local level."

Improvements are already underway at the Amherstburg library which include an extended parking lot and upgrades to the front entrance totaling between $75,000 and $80,000.

The county's policy says only work that began after August 9 is eligible to receive funding.