Amherstburg Police Change-Over Underway

The transition from Amherstburg police to Windsor police is well under way.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission recently gave approval for Windsor to provide policing services to Amherstburg.

Windsor police Chief Al Frederick says the changeover is going well, but time is winding down.

"There is at least 12 or 13 sub-committees all working with a chair and combination of Amherstburg and Windsor members, working towards all of the transitional issues — such as equipment and training, patrol, investigations, so working through all of the issues where our organization is different than theirs," says Frederick.

He says there will be a lot of options for the officers.

"We're guaranteeing, if you want to stay in Amherstburg you can stay in Amhersteburg, but if you want to come to Windsor and either have opportunity for different types of work, that we have lots of, then their eligible for that. If they want to enter our promotional system, they are eligible for that. So, it's completely up to the individual officer."

Frederick also  says they are facing some challenges in the transition.

"Different shifts, different rotations of those shifts, so it's going to be different for them. We have a different rotation of the 12-hour shift. Some of the equipment is different, they have body worn cameras, we don't. So, those are the types of things were we have to accommodate as best we can, all those differences."

The contract between Windsor and Amherstburg is for 20 years and the switch should come early in 2019.

Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo has said the town could save an estimated $18-million over the life of the agreement.


— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi