Amherstburg's Libby Keenan Says Hydro Bill Cut Will Help (AUDIO)

An Amherstburg woman who met face-to-face with Premier Kathleen Wynne is applauding a move to cut hydro bills.

Libby Keenan owns the Sunhall Equestrian Centre in Amherstburg and met with Premier Wynne in January after she wrote a letter that went viral on Facebook complaining about skyrocketing hydro bills.

Keenan says a total 25%cut in hydro bills, which was announced Thursday morning, will help.

In fact, Keenan says Premier Kathleen Wynne called her this morning.

Keenan is thrilled that everyone will benefit.

"My understanding from her is that, that cut will be across the board," says Keenan. "There were some rumours that it would only apply to certain people or certain areas but she said everyone."

"25% is not nothing. I know that's with the HST so it's 17% but together, the bottom line of your bill it will be 25% less."

Keenan says this whole process has changed her and has strengthened her belief that democracy is alive and well.