Amherstburg Students Left Scrambling After College Shuttle Service Cancelled

St. Clair College students in Amherstburg are left scrambling after a service which provided transportation to the school has been cancelled.

For the past four years, students in Amherstburg have had a shuttle service provided to them by the group ' Amherstburg Community Services.'

But group fundraising co-ordinator Austin Tyrrell says one vehicle had to be taken off the road back in December and the group is trying to meet the demands with only three vehicles, two of which are older vehicles.

He adds fundraising efforts have also fallen short and as a result, tough decisions had to be made.

"If it comes down to having to cancel a ride between one of our St. Clair students and a senior going to a specialist appointment in Windsor, we know what decision we would have to make," he says.

Tyrrell says students are trying to figure out their options.

College student Vanessa Dafonte who is in the Chemical Laboratory Technology program has no idea what she will do saying this will make going to school much harder.

Tyrrell says replacing the accessible van is about $75,000. So far, $18,000 has been raised.

--With files from AM800's Zander Broeckel