Amherstburg To Remove Rumble Strips Due To Resident Complaints

The Town of Amherstburg is going to make changes after a decision to install rumble strips at several rural intersections was met with backlash.

Since the strips were installed last November, the town has received a number of complaints from residents due to the loud noise when a vehicle drives over them.

Michelle Poberezy lives near a set of the newly installed strips and says the past few months have been awful. "Back in November, kind of woke up to rumble strips already having been installed. It affected many residents who live close to the rumble strips. What I equated it to, or an example of what it was like would be if someone rang your doorbell five times for every time a car went by your house."

"We can hear it in bed at night. it keeps you awake. It just gets literally on your last nerve. A school bus goes by, the dishes in our cupboards rattle. So definitely an extremely significant noise.," says Poberezy. 


Amherstburg Council meets April 9, 2018 (Photo by AM800's Zander Broeckel)

An engineer's report done for the town states the majority of the strips are too close to residential areas according to Ministry of Transportation recommendations.

Council has agreed to have the strips filled in and replaced with oversized stop signs, painted warnings and, in some cases, red flashing beacons.

"We're very pleased that these rumble strips are going to be removed and we're happy that the community is going to be safe," says Poberezy. "So, while I'm definitely an advocate of increasing safety in the community, absolutely, but it really significantly impacted our quality of life."


Rumble Strips approaching the stop sign on the 3rd Concession near County Rd. 10 in Amherstburg. April 10, 2018 (Photo Submitted)

The town will fill in the strips and modify seven intersections throughout the municipality at a cost of just under $14,000.

Administration will also send a request to the County of Essex to have red flashing beacons installed.