Amherstburg To Roll Out Flood Subsidy Program

Work is underway on a flooding subsidy program in Amherstburg in response to concerns from residents.

More than 30 homes were flooded throughout the municipality after last month's heavy downpours.

The town has set aside $400,000 for the subsidy program which will cover several things like downspout disconnects and back flow valve installations.

Resident Tom Welsh had his home flooded and says he'd like to see more help for households outside of the town's core.

"We don't mind paying taxes. So we would like to get some more representation and some help to help the people out in the county that pay taxes, and pay more taxes quite frankly, than a lot of people in town and they receive many more services than us."

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo says he's hoping all residents take advantage of the new program.

"That relief is coming. We do have money already allocated. If it's going to require more, then administration will definitely bring it forward for council to look at. We have not forgot about those people. We are committed to allocating the funds required to help those people stop flooding."

Welsh says his neighbourhood flooded twice in less than a year and something needs to be done.

"I'm pretty much here representing my whole neighbourhood. I talked to many people during the night of the flood, after the flood, just to get their feeling and they're all on the same level as me. It's a nice community, we pay a lot in taxes and it's just time to start to receive some more support."

DiCarlo says the program will help address concerns.

"Every time it rains, if there's a mayor around here that doesn't start sweating, I don't know who they are. With the level of rainfall that we've gotten, we are committed and we need to figure out what that means in terms of what we can do with that water to keep it from getting into their homes."

DiCarlo adds, the program will be made available to all residents.

"I think everybody understands this now. These one in one hundred year storms are no longer one in a hundred years anymore and we will continue to do what we can. That is why we have funds available and, if necessary, it sounds like we are going to go on a property by property basis to try and figure out what the issue is for them."

Details of the new flooding subsidy program will be unveiled at council's next meeting on September 25.