Amherstburg Turning To LEDs

Amherstburg is going LED.

Council has approved a nearly $1.2-million conversion project that will see all of the town's street lights converted to modern LEDs from less efficient lighting.

Amherstburg company Anchor Hydro will handle the project which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Councillor Leo Meloche says the town will make its money back within six years of installation in cost savings through the more efficient LEDs.

Meloche says the town is playing a little bit of catch-up as other municipalities in Windsor-Essex have already made the switch to LED.

"Some people think we've been dragging our heals a little bit on it," he says.  "But we had a lot of issues to deal with over the time and the time has finally come."

Meloche says the project has been a long time coming but the time is right to make the conversion which will give the town a good return on investment by lowering operating costs.

"It's a good project. It's going to save us some money in the long run and anytime we can save money it's always good."

The $1.2-million cost will be spread out over multiple years, ending in 2024.