Amherstburg Warns Snowmobile Riders To Stay Off Private-Property

Amherstburg is reminding snowmobile riders to stay off private property, especially farmland.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo took to social media with the message after several residents complained off-road enthusiasts had torn up their fields — cutting through fences to get into the property in some situations.

DiCarlo says even though a field looks empty, farmland may have something waiting to pop-up after the snow melts away in the spring.

"Being farmland, they are going over areas where crops will be coming up or hopefully will be coming up at some point," he says. "I think what they may not be realizing, or maybe they just don't care, I don't know, is that can affect the farmers output."

Tearing through a farmer's field can destroy winter crops and can also compact soil — which can affect future crops.

DiCarlo tells AM800 News, it's not the first time the town has had to remind the public to stay off private property.

"Looking into it I noticed, even a couple years ago, we also put out a reminder and it looks like it may be one of those messages that we have to put out on an annual basis," says DiCarlo.

In a perfect world, DiCarlo says police would be everywhere to make sure people are respecting private property, but it's just not possible.

He hopes riders will exercise some common sense — if it's not their land, and they didn't ask for permission to be there — they should simply find somewhere else to go.

"We can't just be staking out farmers' fields, especially considering the amount of square acres available, so if we can catch them great, we can help out the farmers that way," he says. "Being as we are a small community I hope people can just respect our property and keep an eye out for each other."

DiCarlo encourages residents to notify police if they see anyone damaging property.

Trespassers could be issued a $70 ticket — but if a landowner lodges a complaint due to damaged property — riders could be charged with criminal mischief, according to Amherstburg Police Service.